Alaska Again

The goal this year is Alaska: jet boat ride in Wrangell up the Stikine River, Elfin Cove, Sitka. We get um' all done and MORE! Our favorite stop is now Alert Bay where we have friends. Bob Glass [83 years young] and Beau Dick, a carver and shaman. We have a lovely time catching up with both. We got to Jam with Bob on his stand up bass. Beau came on board and complimented our boat. This was a great honor since he is a famous artist! On to Cape Caution we stage our wait at Murray Labyrinth. A sight we will never forget is thousands of Snow Geese and hundreds of Sand Hill Cranes flying north overhead around Cape Caution. Hearing the sound of honking and the Sandhill we looked up to this amazing sight! We wait many days and the weather does NOT cooperate so we run Nakwakto Rapids into Seymour, Allison and Belize Inlets. We spent a week wandering around. It was snowing and hailing. There is a 1000 miles of shoreline in there. However, the land is being stripped of all its trees. Helicopters are constantly humming to the sound of chainsaws. It is this way all over the coast. On a good note we had many wonderful experiences this summer. We circumnavigated Chicagof Island. Got to some new hot springs Goddard, Baranoff and Tenakee. Explored more of the Misty Fjords as we left Alaska. Funny story. NOT SO Serene. A 420 foot whale of a motor boat was the largest privately owned boat in 2010. They came in the bay at about midnight and dropped a VERY loud anchor close to us. At 7:30 AM they began a wave of float planes that came and went a dozen times right by our boat. Jet skis filled the bay with noise. VERY NOT SO serene. Then we heard later that "Second Chance" asked them for ice. The guy on board turned to the servants said, "Tell them no." It was a great trip and we will be challenged to have as many adventures as this one in the future.

Sea Shephard