Around the Salish Sea

This life on the Salish Sea has many rewards. Our joy is nature. Whales, otters, seals and all of the birds just make us sigh with the gift of being with these animals. Many days are filled with grey skies so the sunny ones amaze. The water turns from a dark green color to blue. The plan this year is to have no plan. The goal is to sit, read, write, and see what the day offers. Perhaps a walk in the forest with the sound of the thrush. Perhaps us shouting so the bear hear us and wander away from us. That is a true treat seeing the bears of all colors - maybe even the red haired/ white Spirit Bear will give us a show. No matter. MOM the boat will give us safety and comfort. On cold mornings the heater will warm us. On warm days, the cool breeze off the sea will make us comfortable. Even without the huge goals of going to Alaska [three times now], or other far flung places, the days will breeze by and before you know it, it will be time to put MOM away for another winter. I always cry. By then I have forgotten the scary nights of halyards slapping in a gale with the anchor snubber stretching and creaking. No, that will all be forgotten but the sound of the whale breathing as we sail will be forefront in my mind. The eagle cry while her mate dives for fish. The clouds laying on islands in the distance. Sun on the water. Those thoughts will carry us through until next spring when we do it again and for as long as we can. Grateful for another boat season, another bear sighting, whale breath.