Land Voyages



Travels 2011

Starting out a new year on Baja we started our voyage north. Whales have their babies in the sanctuaries of Magdelina and Ojo De Libre bays. We went to both and got an amazing experience in both places. The camping is much nicer at Ojo DE Libre near Guerrero Negro. One can just sit and watch nearly 2000 whales doing whale antics. The best part is hearing them breathe! We hired a guide and got to pet one! It was probably one of the most spiritual experiences of our life.

We camped near the observatory by Mount Diablo in the northern mountains of Baja. There we met with the HAM radio operators for the Baja 1000. It was interesting finding out more about what that entails. The best part of camping a way up high was meeting the condors. They flew around us and landed near by. They are HUGE and very special. We are so glad someone thought to save this species from the brink of extinction.

We felt more comfortable in the Baja and explored even more places. Our friends Mark and Mary who we'd met in Alaska on a flight seeing trip, joined us at Escondida Beach. We got to celebrate Mary's birthday with all the lobster you could eat grilled on an open fire. It was incredible! That night we had one of the most beautiful sunsets ever.

Our northern adventures took us to meet the family at our favorite stomping grounds of San Clemente, California. My sister and her “Karl” met my mom and brother down there and we joined in on our way to the Baja. It was a solumn time for we threw my dad's ashes of the pier there. One of his favorites places. He was also quite a southern California surfer boy in the late 30's. The Pacific held his heart and does now forever. Miss ya pa.

Death Valley was explored in early March. It was our dream to see the flowers and work never allowed for time there in this short season. However, some of the biggest snows came when we were there! Not to worry, just slip on to Saline Valley and perhaps the best hot srpings in the entire world. The trip there is not for the faint of heart. It is over 160 miles into the place on some of the scariest bit of road I've ever seen. Plus new snow!