Land Voyages



2018 Winter

Sonora       El Chepe       Urique       Chihuahua

Mexico! Lots of time in Sonora and Chihuahua States. Loved the beaches of Kino and San Carlos. The birding is very good on shore and land. Alamos had a music festival that made the visit there just a blast. It is a wonderful walking village starting in the 1600s. On to Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyon) for El Chepe train adventures from Creel to El Fuerte. Off the train and back into the truck and camper and drove down into every canyon possible. Urique and Batopilas are super special places on Earth. The deepest canyons in North America. It certainly was sobering to drive these switchback roads down into these colonial villages which were like stepping back in time. After several weeks wandering there we got to see the Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco. This race is 50 miles long over tortuous mountain terrain. The Tarahumara native runs this race in traditional clothing right down to the huaraches, barefoot or plastic sandals! The women wear long, colorful skirts, the men in loin cloth. They do not race so much for prize money but for wrist bands given at each leg of the race - 5 in all. Later one trades these wrist bands in for stores of corn, beans, and other provisions. With the boat calling us we started north to Paquime ruins in northern Chihuahua where we saw Nailea Norvind again. We did not know she is a famous actress in Mexico but thought she was the mayor of Urique where the race was held. When she saw us she came running over giving us hugs like an old friend as we toured the ruins one beautiful evening. After crossing into Arizona we visited Bisbee and Tombstone. More hot springs called Essence of Tranquility, and north to St. George again for family. North to visit Alta! Then the usual hot springs stop in Bruneau, Idaho. Thank you, Jim! Upon arriving at the boat on Lopez Island we found that Bosko had died in February. We will miss that character of the boat yard and his ever helpful boat tips.