Land Voyages



Travels 2015 - 2016

This year we plan to visit as many Mayan ruins as possible on the Yucatan peninsula. That has been a dream since a youngster to see these monuments that existed when Europe was just tents. Leaving SV MOM at the end of September down into the heart of Nevada for more hot springs adventures and on to Utah for family visiting. After a time we hit the road first stopping and kayaking on the Colorado River. Then on to other ruins in America like Casa Grande and Gila Cliff dwelling with a spattering of more hot spring soaking thrown in. One could spend a lot of time in southern Arizona and New Mexico not only at springs but the many interesting historical places like the Butterfield Stage route, Bisbee etc.

On to Mexico. We crossed into Mexico at Laredo, Texas which was a breeze. Then on down the auto pistas/ toll roads well into the middle of Mexico. San Miguel de Allende was our first week long stop. From there we found many ruins to begin to explore. The first being Canada de la Virgin, an Otomi pyramid that has just been uncovered in the last couple of years. Mexico is wonderful, colorful, cheap, good food, and for the most part, pretty dang safe. Now out on the wild Yucatan, people are very nice and kind. The ruins we have seen are totally amazing and each is very different. When we get to see painted carvings we feel very lucky. The more we learn, the more we understand how religion and European contact, stripped our earth of the incredible science and knowledge of the Pre conquest peoples. That knowledge is lost forever.